I am not orthodox, but I found this article very thought provoking. Looking for some more opinions on it while I mull it over.

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My fav lil’ etsy spots….

Etsy.com is AMAzing for sellers just looking to get their business off the ground. I have a list from here to China of a few sellers who have captured my fancy but here I will blog just a few special ones ūüôā

FLUTTER – etsy.com/shop/flutter, talk about ridiculously innovative scarves, their designs and ideas are brilliant and unseen before now at such good prices! I am about to buy some for my sister and myself of course ūüėČ

PHYDEAUX – etsy.com/shop/phydeaux, for a few more dollars you can get these beautiful chunky knit sweaters! Hand knit and warmly fuzzy. You can wear these any way you like!

IHEARTNORWEGIANWOOD – Being norwegian myself I was instantly biased ūüôā although the stuff she sells is unmatched by any other designers I’ve seen so far in her category. Great variety-however prices a¬†bit steep.

BATCAKES Рtalk about headgear! This little store was just featured on a video for Karen Elson. Also called Santanica. Check them out.

ROXANA – I’ve always been a fan of solid perfumes, as they age their scent only gets better, it doesn’t spoil or turn sour. Check out her cute little containers!

GREYISHBLEU – There is nothing for sale yet but it’s my store ūüėÄ

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From cool to clich√©.

I’ve come to notice little cliches everywhere. There are few I actually like, the rest I am very irritated by. The Merriam Webster definition of Cliche is as follows: something (such as a menu item) that has become overly familiar or commonplace. Maybe it’s just that I love the new and change so much that overly-familiar can be very, very depressing. Overly used phrases….”Failure of Epic Proportions”, “Ur Mom”, “Burn.” no longer make you cool for saying them. I guess the point here is that a thing, once new, now overdone is simply that, over. But why?? Why can’t a thing just continue to be “cool”? The answer, I don’t know but we know it isn’t. So let’s get over them shall we? Drop the old and be “fresh”. Stop digging in the same areas that have already been dug in for gold.

(Insert angry look here!! Start: new irk)That’s why fashion repeats itself so much, we can’t think of anything new so we take the same old things: jean button-up shirts paired with skinny dark jeans and simply update it and call it the latest trend! What??¬† That’s why designers such as Tommy H., DKNY, and Ralph Lauren are washed up. Their 1991 catalogs look EXACTLY the same as their 2011 catalogs. They are stuck in a rut. A fashion rut. While WE, the general public are stuck in a rut. Period.

Why can’t we get out? Why are we stuck in this infinite circle? Getting “cool” then getting “cliche”. It NEVER ends. Can’t someone just come up with something that will last forever in the realm of cool? Or is cool just in the eye of the beholder and I’m really just writing this post out of annoyance….? Probably.

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Just when you think you’re ahead…

Today was one of those good days; everyone seems chipper, people are gracious and pleased, and everything is going just fine. Now let me stress the ‘WAS’ one of those days. It quickly turned sour, took a turn for the worse, kicked the bucket; yeah, you get it. And then you are left sitting, or standing, whatever the case may be, kicking yourself for that ONE little, itsy bitsy thing you could have avoided. But you didn’t. You FAILED. You had tried to do the right thing, tried to make sure all of your bases were covered, but no. The thing you did was the wrong choice.

Now you are sitting, sick to your stomach asking yourself “why?” as well as “now what?”.¬† You feel like EVERYONE in the world is just in utter shock at what you did and don’t want to face anyone.

But lets gather to reason. What can you learn from this situation? What can be done to correct it, if anything? How can you grow from it? If you are able to answer any of these questions than you are on the right track. Just keep going. Keep your head up. Realize, maybe you did make a mistake, but its not the end of the world. You can get up, brush yourself off and keep working, but only do better. You may feel the need to prove yourself; thats perfectly normal but don’t go overboard. If you are a good worker already than you have proved yourself so don’t try to kill yourself by doing four times the work in the future. Just keep doing your best and remember, no one cares about it as much as you.

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Beauty has a new standard. WAIT hold on, its changed again!

I was looking at some infographics¬†and blogs¬†about the idea of beauty in a person. The general consensus is that, today,¬†when¬†someone says “She is beautiful” then she looks like Katy Perry or Angelina Jolie.¬†But what is really getting under my skin is that society changes our¬†idea of beauty,¬†FOR US! Society¬†tells us what or who to think is beautiful.¬†Question then, WHO tells society what is beautiful? And if we are really so sad and terrified of our kids being bullied by the “Hollywood image” then why can’t we stop it? Aren’t WE society in some form or fashion??¬†¬†¬†¬† (click on the picture to enlarge)

In the 15hundreds, women would shave their hair lines to make their foreheads appear larger. Having a large forehead was thought to be because you had a bigger brain, indicating a larger than usual intellectual capacity. Intelligence was considered beautiful. Not so today; #jerseyshores.

In the late 18hundreds/early 19hundreds it was almost shameful for a young Caucasian lady to be tanned by the sun. That indicated she had to labor and a laboring women was not beautiful; my how things have changed!

Beauty has evolved rapidly…in the past ten centuries but even in the past decades and YEARS! It seems to change almost seasonally now and it affects how we see each other. Beautiful people are treated better, they are paid higher and are more respected. But in ten years that person would no longer be considered beautiful because of this disgusting rapid evolution!

Does anyone look on the inside anymore? Natural beauty fades….what about personality? Yes, I do admit, personality can change but attitudes of the soul stay pretty much intact a persons whole life. To find someone who has a beautiful attitude and spirit is a rare gem these days. Learn to appreciate inner lasting qualities using other senses; not just temporal physical attraction of the eyes.

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Fall flutterings and flitterings

Maybe. Just maybe. Its the word I always thing of in reference to Fall. Its a season full of possibilities. It seems to me like even though the leaves are dying and plants are about to hide away for the summer that there is a whole other world to be seen. A great big realm of dreams and wishes seem to exist at the onset of Autumn’s goodness. It makes me feel like anything can happen. Why? Oh, I don’t know; it could be that things are changing and change to me makes ME want to go out and get more change sometimes…Or maybe its the start of the school year; for some people its the most dreaded time but for me, I get excited. School/College is all about educating the mind and I am learning to love and appreciate knowledge more and more. Learning about things I never knew makes me feel empowered and that brings it back again to the I can do anything feeling. All in all, I LOVE Fall. ūüôā

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My my my! I sat down the other day, while taking a break from studying, to update my journal. I hadn’t written in it in over a year!! It scared me a little just how fast this year has flown and how little I remember from it. I quickly scribbled as much as I could on the events of the end of 09′ and the beginning parts of 10′ but what kills me is I know there is more that happened and I just can’t seem to remember it.

Now I have terrible short-term memory loss but I can remember important things usually so I ask you: were those things really worth me doing if now they do not exist in my memory?? I’ve been debating this question all morning. Tell me what you think…:)

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Pity parties are over-rated

Mine all mine:
I wish for more money. I wish for a better job situation. I wish for smaller hands. I wish for a car that has heat all the time especially in the winter. I wish to have enough money for school. I wish for less stress. I wish for a happy tomorrow.

A girl I met:
She wishes for a home. She wishes for a father who loves her. She wishes for a mother that’s sober. She wishes to not be beat up. She wishes for shoes without holes. She wishes for a Hannah Montana Backpack. She wishes for a chance at a happy tomorrow.


I melted into a pity party a few months ago about all the terrible things going wrong in my life…and somehow I remembered this little girl I had met two years ago… My needs and wants seemed so trivial. If I was born as her…would I make it? Would I survive as she is, still with a smile on her face? I’m kind of doubting it. I so wanted to see her again and just apologize for the way I had acted as if that would some how make things all better… I needed to make it right…I wanted to make things better for her but I’ll porbably never see her again.. So I decided to stop complaining. And to try and be more of a help to others. Stress, problems, trials all come with the package; listed in small print on the ingrediant box of life. And I needed to get over them and put them in God’s hands; to realize just how blessed I was. And I know I haven’t lived up to this all the time but its a good thing to try.. “You’ll never know when you missed a chance to make someone else happy cause you were complaining about the weather.”

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Lend an ear…

to one of my favorite voices at the moment, Vashti Bunyan. She’s a british songwriter/composer, influenced by Bob Dylan. She was born in the mid 40’s-her music started picking up in the 60’s; then she virtually disappered until around 2000 when her music came back to life. Her first¬†full album¬†was “Just another diamond day” released in 1970. Her second album is “Lookaftering” released almost 35 years later in 2005. Her most famous singles are probably Some things just stick in your mind and The coldest night of the year. My personal favorites are Train Song(a remake of this was done¬†a few years ago by¬†a collaboration of Feist and Ben Gibbard,¬†check it out!!)¬†and Winter is blue.

¬†Vasht’s music has gained much praise and acknowlegement in the past few years; modern day folk and indie-pop singers such as Devendra Banhart, Feist and Joanna Newsom have been inspired by her ethereal sounds. Go to youtube, pandora¬†or your preferred music source and take a listen while relaxing.

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My twin, the beach and stuck couches.

I had¬†been thinking¬†a lot recently about my latest blog(why does nothing always trump insecurity?) and a handful of events seemed to unfold this past weekend that made me learn even more about myself. Do let me share…

Well first off,¬†Friday evening I met my male twin!! It was crazy to see myself in someone else! And I realized just a little bit how people view me, except for the fact that we are of the opposite sex. He is fun-loving, passionate, hyper, spacey, loves people and has a desire to help them, has a terrible memory, is a dreamer¬†and is always late. He’s slightly ¬†fashionable, eats healthy, loves running(and other sports, which isn’t so much me) and makes funny comments and remarks at times. CRAZY I tell you. Because this, and of course some negative things that we really don’t need to talk about(ha!) decribe myself too! I guess you could say that meeting him was thing no. 1 learned; it’ s not ALWAYS good to be fun and spacey.

No. 2 goes sort of like this…on Saturday I went to my good friends lake house with a few other friends. The drive was a good 2 and a half hours so on the way there we delved into great conversation of the economy, our minds, and our futures(some of my favorite topics). On the subject of our minds, we¬†each tried to figure out what our thinking process was. Each of us are extremely different and so we all came up with, of course, different definitions/conclusions of the way we think. To make a long story short I figured out that my thinking is, in general, positive and simple. Unless of course I’m in a stressed out mood where I feel like over-dramatizing everything. Try it sometime…thinking about the way you think can get taxing soo be prepared to stretch your mind…

And last but not least, on my way home from said trip, I received a call saying someone I knew was coming to buy furniture from the house I was housesitting-so we scurried home to help them. Upon arrival we all realized that the couches to be sold had most likely grown since being put in the house and looked far to big to exit peacefully. So we began taking measurements and moving tables; we¬†removed wall decorations and took doors off. And finally we started the task-to get the couches up the stairs and through the kitchen and living room to the U-haul waiting outside. These people who were buying the furniture just happened to be my old youth pastors when I was younger. They are both fabulous and¬†hilarious people so that¬†alone made the process¬†seem less¬†impossible.¬†So the four of us gathered our strength and some of us our wits and gave it a shot. We got maybe¬†halfway up when the middle of the couch got stuck in the door jam. It wasn’t about to move. I am not sure what was funnier, the thought of my boss coming home to find a couch she had hoped would have been gone, stuck¬†halfway into her kitchen or two of the people helping, being forced to stay in the basement because of no¬†way¬†of escaping. To make another, what could be long story short, I figured out a way to get it unstuck. With a bit of twisting and jiggling, pushing and turning, the couch was rammed through¬†which resulted in a few scrapes to the walls and the person as the top almost falling into the sink. We all laughed and hoorahed and talked a little before realizing that two hours had gone by and we all looked like zombies. Everyone trucked out¬†and I headed to bed. I began to muse…I am soo not book smart. Now, I understand that getting a couch out of a doorjam does not necessarily constitute book smarts but it would give a glimmer of some intellect. Of that I think I have. However, I believe mine more resides in the field of people and relationships.¬†Because I know this is what truly matters in the end. I’m almost positive I¬†chose to grow up this way; focusing my attention more on people, instead of how¬†fast¬†the speed of light is. On how people communicate instead of on¬†inflation.¬†(I just want to insert that I do know what both of¬†these are; I am just using them¬†as examples ūüôā¬†¬†

So I realized this weekend that not only do I use the word¬†“so” way too much when writing but that I am not dumb or slow, I just¬†choose to¬†focus on other things. Things, that¬†in my opinion, matter more. It doesn’t mean I am not going to school or¬†still trying to further myself(graduating in December after four long¬†years!!) but my goal, purpose and intent is to¬†improve myself a different way.¬†It’s crazy how much one can learn about her(his)self over the span of a few days. ūüôā

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