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Lend an ear…

to one of my favorite voices at the moment, Vashti Bunyan. She’s a british songwriter/composer, influenced by Bob Dylan. She was born in the mid 40’s-her music started picking up in the 60’s; then she virtually disappered until around 2000 … Continue reading

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I’d like your opinion…

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Ma, I wrote my first rap!

So let me explain before you dive in thinking “insanity is here”-I started writing casually, like I normally do but this time words seemed to flow in a pattern…I know it has no recognizable cadence but in my mind it … Continue reading

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I forgot all about Patrick Watson; I feel like Benedict Arnold!!

I am a lover of unique voices. Surreal, melodic sounds coming from a voice box will take me pretty much to daydreamland. My iTouch collection is in the process of being rebuilt because I just lost my whole music library … Continue reading

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musical musings

I have one statement to make. One persuasive bit to convey. Music has a direct affect on its listener. My premises: Satan was the director of music in the heavens, its his thing. He KNOWS music; what to play and … Continue reading

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