Lend an ear…

to one of my favorite voices at the moment, Vashti Bunyan. She’s a british songwriter/composer, influenced by Bob Dylan. She was born in the mid 40’s-her music started picking up in the 60’s; then she virtually disappered until around 2000 when her music came back to life. Her first full album was “Just another diamond day” released in 1970. Her second album is “Lookaftering” released almost 35 years later in 2005. Her most famous singles are probably Some things just stick in your mind and The coldest night of the year. My personal favorites are Train Song(a remake of this was done a few years ago by a collaboration of Feist and Ben Gibbard, check it out!!) and Winter is blue.

 Vasht’s music has gained much praise and acknowlegement in the past few years; modern day folk and indie-pop singers such as Devendra Banhart, Feist and Joanna Newsom have been inspired by her ethereal sounds. Go to youtube, pandora or your preferred music source and take a listen while relaxing.

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I only live to serve something. I only give to help something. I do right because wrong never did anything good.
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