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I only live to serve something. I only give to help something. I do right because wrong never did anything good.

I am not orthodox, but I found this article very thought provoking. Looking for some more opinions on it while I mull it over.

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My fav lil’ etsy spots…. is AMAzing for sellers just looking to get their business off the ground. I have a list from here to China of a few sellers who have captured my fancy but here I will blog just a few special … Continue reading

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From cool to cliché.

I’ve come to notice little cliches everywhere. There are few I actually like, the rest I am very irritated by. The Merriam Webster definition of Cliche is as follows: something (such as a menu item) that has become overly familiar … Continue reading

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Just when you think you’re ahead…

Today was one of those good days; everyone seems chipper, people are gracious and pleased, and everything is going just fine. Now let me stress the ‘WAS’ one of those days. It quickly turned sour, took a turn for the … Continue reading

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Beauty has a new standard. WAIT hold on, its changed again!

I was looking at some infographics and blogs about the idea of beauty in a person. The general consensus is that, today, when someone says “She is beautiful” then she looks like Katy Perry or Angelina Jolie. But what is really getting under my skin … Continue reading

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Fall flutterings and flitterings

Maybe. Just maybe. Its the word I always thing of in reference to Fall. Its a season full of possibilities. It seems to me like even though the leaves are dying and plants are about to hide away for the … Continue reading

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My my my! I sat down the other day, while taking a break from studying, to update my journal. I hadn’t written in it in over a year!! It scared me a little just how fast this year has flown … Continue reading

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Pity parties are over-rated

Mine all mine: I wish for more money. I wish for a better job situation. I wish for smaller hands. I wish for a car that has heat all the time especially in the winter. I wish to have enough … Continue reading

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Lend an ear…

to one of my favorite voices at the moment, Vashti Bunyan. She’s a british songwriter/composer, influenced by Bob Dylan. She was born in the mid 40’s-her music started picking up in the 60’s; then she virtually disappered until around 2000 … Continue reading

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My twin, the beach and stuck couches.

I had been thinking a lot recently about my latest blog(why does nothing always trump insecurity?) and a handful of events seemed to unfold this past weekend that made me learn even more about myself. Do let me share… Well first off, Friday … Continue reading

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