My fav lil’ etsy spots…. is AMAzing for sellers just looking to get their business off the ground. I have a list from here to China of a few sellers who have captured my fancy but here I will blog just a few special ones 🙂

FLUTTER –, talk about ridiculously innovative scarves, their designs and ideas are brilliant and unseen before now at such good prices! I am about to buy some for my sister and myself of course 😉

PHYDEAUX –, for a few more dollars you can get these beautiful chunky knit sweaters! Hand knit and warmly fuzzy. You can wear these any way you like!

IHEARTNORWEGIANWOOD – Being norwegian myself I was instantly biased 🙂 although the stuff she sells is unmatched by any other designers I’ve seen so far in her category. Great variety-however prices a bit steep.

BATCAKES – talk about headgear! This little store was just featured on a video for Karen Elson. Also called Santanica. Check them out.

ROXANA – I’ve always been a fan of solid perfumes, as they age their scent only gets better, it doesn’t spoil or turn sour. Check out her cute little containers!

GREYISHBLEU – There is nothing for sale yet but it’s my store 😀

About aphromite

I only live to serve something. I only give to help something. I do right because wrong never did anything good.
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  1. Lori Dyan says:

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve undergone a bit of a transformation and the transfer to a self-hosted server means I’ve lost all of my subscribers. The good news is, it’s very easy to re-subscribe: simply go to and you’ll see the subscription box on the right-hand side. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience and thanks so much for your understanding.

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