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Lend an ear…

to one of my favorite voices at the moment, Vashti Bunyan. She’s a british songwriter/composer, influenced by Bob Dylan. She was born in the mid 40’s-her music started picking up in the 60’s; then she virtually disappered until around 2000 … Continue reading

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My twin, the beach and stuck couches.

I had been thinking a lot recently about my latest blog(why does nothing always trump insecurity?) and a handful of events seemed to unfold this past weekend that made me learn even more about myself. Do let me share… Well first off, Friday … Continue reading

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why does nothing always trump insecurity?

I consider myself to be a fairly confident person; though I, like the average person I’m assuming, am not immune to a little bit of insecurity at times.  It’s odd things mostly: the size of my hands(I wish for petite … Continue reading

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“Bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils”

The beginning of the school year is like a breath of academically fresh air. I never was very scholastic in nature but that time of year when you got to buy new backpacks and school uniforms was something I always looked … Continue reading

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Someone stumbled across my fo…I mean blog…

People have the ability to use search engines to look for anything they wish with the intent of finding some obscurity(i.e the measurements of the bathrooms in toledo vs. the measurements in montreal) or something commonplace such as a picture of a balloon. … Continue reading

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I’d like your opinion…

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Ma, I wrote my first rap!

So let me explain before you dive in thinking “insanity is here”-I started writing casually, like I normally do but this time words seemed to flow in a pattern…I know it has no recognizable cadence but in my mind it … Continue reading

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Chocolate fantasies dance around in my head like sugarplums

Is anyone willing to donate to the cause of getting me to Seattle?? If so just comment and i’ll email you my paypal account 😀 aaah but all jokes aside: I want to go to the flagship store of my favorite … Continue reading

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I forgot all about Patrick Watson; I feel like Benedict Arnold!!

I am a lover of unique voices. Surreal, melodic sounds coming from a voice box will take me pretty much to daydreamland. My iTouch collection is in the process of being rebuilt because I just lost my whole music library … Continue reading

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Irony loves being ironic to me

I am going to complain about the complainees of the world. Which is in reality quite ironic because I HATE the very thing i’m doing. I do that which I hate and that which I love I do not. I … Continue reading

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