Pity parties are over-rated

Mine all mine:
I wish for more money. I wish for a better job situation. I wish for smaller hands. I wish for a car that has heat all the time especially in the winter. I wish to have enough money for school. I wish for less stress. I wish for a happy tomorrow.

A girl I met:
She wishes for a home. She wishes for a father who loves her. She wishes for a mother that’s sober. She wishes to not be beat up. She wishes for shoes without holes. She wishes for a Hannah Montana Backpack. She wishes for a chance at a happy tomorrow.


I melted into a pity party a few months ago about all the terrible things going wrong in my life…and somehow I remembered this little girl I had met two years ago… My needs and wants seemed so trivial. If I was born as her…would I make it? Would I survive as she is, still with a smile on her face? I’m kind of doubting it. I so wanted to see her again and just apologize for the way I had acted as if that would some how make things all better… I needed to make it right…I wanted to make things better for her but I’ll porbably never see her again.. So I decided to stop complaining. And to try and be more of a help to others. Stress, problems, trials all come with the package; listed in small print on the ingrediant box of life. And I needed to get over them and put them in God’s hands; to realize just how blessed I was. And I know I haven’t lived up to this all the time but its a good thing to try.. “You’ll never know when you missed a chance to make someone else happy cause you were complaining about the weather.”

About aphromite

I only live to serve something. I only give to help something. I do right because wrong never did anything good.
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