What my red-headed soul wants

Simply put: love. Do me a favor. Close your eyes(well when your done reading this I suppose) and lean back in your chair…imagine if you will: a place where everyone loves each other, platonically speaking of course.

Now lets go back to the beginning…: what is love? true love, true friendship love, brotherly love…life for a life love… does this exist? In this world of slamming car horns, middle fingers, back-biters, gossipers, haters, theives, murderers, democrats and republicans alike…which ones are the lovers?? What does it mean??

Love; a word that comes and goes…who really knows what it means to love someone? My first answer would be well what about a mother and her child; counter that with well not all mothers love their children the way God intended. Some don’t even allow themselves the chance; taking away a life so that they can live the way they want to when it was their pitiful mistake in the first place. Hmm, no sorry. Not love. Siblings? Hardly. Mine would’ve beat each other up every day when they were younger if they could have. Husband and wife? Try infidelity, hurt, adultry, deceit, pain, abuse… these things can all happen…

So what then is the real and true example of real, pure love? I would venture to say a life for a life. Someone who gives up his/her own so another can live. Now, I’m not saying we should all go around throwing ourselves under buses every five minutes but what if we tried just a little bit harder to love? No one in their right mind will hate you for loving them. Chances are they will love you back. So if your loving makes someone love you and that makes the world a little bit of a less harsh place then why don’t we get to it? In the end, the good side always wins…lets give the bad side the slip early on. Go love. Give love. Be love. Live to love. Love to love.


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