Just when you think you’re ahead…

Today was one of those good days; everyone seems chipper, people are gracious and pleased, and everything is going just fine. Now let me stress the ‘WAS’ one of those days. It quickly turned sour, took a turn for the worse, kicked the bucket; yeah, you get it. And then you are left sitting, or standing, whatever the case may be, kicking yourself for that ONE little, itsy bitsy thing you could have avoided. But you didn’t. You FAILED. You had tried to do the right thing, tried to make sure all of your bases were covered, but no. The thing you did was the wrong choice.

Now you are sitting, sick to your stomach asking yourself “why?” as well as “now what?”.  You feel like EVERYONE in the world is just in utter shock at what you did and don’t want to face anyone.

But lets gather to reason. What can you learn from this situation? What can be done to correct it, if anything? How can you grow from it? If you are able to answer any of these questions than you are on the right track. Just keep going. Keep your head up. Realize, maybe you did make a mistake, but its not the end of the world. You can get up, brush yourself off and keep working, but only do better. You may feel the need to prove yourself; thats perfectly normal but don’t go overboard. If you are a good worker already than you have proved yourself so don’t try to kill yourself by doing four times the work in the future. Just keep doing your best and remember, no one cares about it as much as you.

About aphromite

I only live to serve something. I only give to help something. I do right because wrong never did anything good.
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