Bucket List

1. Visit England(Kent, Surrey, the Cotswolds) – I have wanted to visit here since the first time I saw Murder on the Orient Express when I was about 12…yeah don’t ask why…I just want to stay in a little B&B in the countryside with a down blanket and wake up in the morning to drink tea and scones with clotted cream. My life may be complete after this experience. Yes.

2. Pay an extended visit to my relatives in Norway. – Yes, yes I have family in Norway. Ha! That makes me special…I think. Anyhow, I’m most proud of my Scandinavian heritage..so I really would like to visit all of the countries from which my blood runs.

3. Own either a Mini Cooper or a luxury vehicle(No, sadly my Mitsubishi is not a luxury vehicle, i’m thinking maybe BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus)

4. Go cow tipping. – Yes, I really do want to do this. I mean its like the cliche-we’re-so-bored-and-have-nothing-else-to-do-in-the-midwest joke of the last decade. I don’t even know if its possible but I want to say I at least tried.

5. Invent something – I don’t care what it is; weird, wacky, or wonderful, I just want to say it was my design.

6. Learn Spanish fluently – I speak a little Spanish, partly because of my one year in college and travels to Central America but I would like to speak it urban and fluent. And oh. Not sound like an idiot.

7. Visit South America and the rest of Central – Ok, this list is in no particular order of importance, but I REALLY REALLY want to go here 🙂

8. Skydiving – I did this last year but I want to feel better about myself. 

9. Do a photoshoot in Subtropolis – I like being the subject better than taking the pictures but I dabble anyways 🙂

10. Parasailing – Completed in Wis. with my family on vacation. Oh yes.

11.  Act in a play – I was always told I’m a little on the dramatic side. I want to play a bone-chilling dramatic role of a lady in distress or in mourning. A little morbid I know but who isn’t these days? Ha jk. Don’t judge.

12. Change the world – Cliche? I think not. If you make even one minor change-change still exists just on a smaller scale. I want to do something that changes the world positively. Negativity is holding positivity by the throat for all its worth. Something can and needs to be done. Go do something(talking to myself AND you, the reader)

13. I want to see EVERY Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie ever made.

14. Learn how to make chocolate from scratch(cacao beans).

15. Have a full-time job where all I do is help people. Does this exist?

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