Irony loves being ironic to me

I am going to complain about the complainees of the world. Which is in reality quite ironic because I HATE the very thing i’m doing. I do that which I hate and that which I love I do not. I am in many environments in an average week of my life and as such, I interact with many people of varying emotions. This being said, it would seem that no matter how emotionless or emotion-ful they are: THEY ALL COMPLAIN. I would like to do a study on complaining-does it really help? Who does it benefit? I’m pretty certain there are negative connotations to complaining so why do it?? It spreads a bad aura, a distressed feeling, its negative emotion. I can only think of one instance where anyone benefits from negative emotion.
So here I am, doing that very thing I hate: complaining. It’s ironic that I hate it so much but yet revel in downing the downers. I will try and keep my complaints to myself from here on out and just be a positive witness and example of a good attitude as much as my abilities will allow.

About aphromite

I only live to serve something. I only give to help something. I do right because wrong never did anything good.
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