co-workers. a phenomenon. from a purely unbiased standpoint.

How we interact with our co-workers on a day to day basis varies GREATLY over the range of cultures, age, and of course personality types. But one factor that is purely unrelated to any of these is experience. Its a well known fact that when you “go through” something with another human being, you become “closer” or you “bond” when the trauma or situation is over(or maybe its just well known to me because I’m currently pursuing my degree in Psychology). So if you work in a high-stress environment and you and your co-workers are constantly being pressed to get good numbers or crank out business then depending on attitude all  parties involved can become inevitably more close-knit.

This such instance is a residing factor in my workplace. All individuals are hounded to produce. However, to produce, we all must work together. This brings all of us closer together and we are able to communicate in ways that are odd but understood. Things like this picture: Look-a-like. Apparently. can be sent(like is was, to myself), to others, and them not get offended.

I just want to disclaim: this rather pleasant discourse among certain co-workers only happens when they are capable of being amiable. Some, as everybody knows, are completely incapable. So in conclusion, I want to encourage: BE COOL with your people(co-workers). They aren’t all out to get you. Be kind and they just might return the favor. And if you go through something together you’ll figure out just what each of you is made of. Hopefully its something good.

About aphromite

I only live to serve something. I only give to help something. I do right because wrong never did anything good.
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